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Lecherous Broads for Clay Aiken!

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6:19 a.m.

Package Day Definition and Dressing to the Right Song

PACKAGE DAY! Definition and Dresses to the Right Song

Package Day Definition
By: Robin

Webster describes "The Package" as follows:

Pack-age Pronunciation: 'pa-kij

Function: noun

Date: 1611

a : a small or moderate-sized pack : PARCEL

b : a commodity or a unit of a product uniformly wrapped or sealed

c : a preassembled unit

d : a covering wrapper or container

We at LBFCA think he has it wrong and would like to formally submit OUR


Note* Webster also uses the following terms...he just uses them for the wrong ding dang


Pack-age Pronunciation: PA'a - KIJ !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Function: anything you want!

Date: any time, any place!

a : very large or extensive

b : great in scale or degree

c : of the highest kind or quality

d : an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs

e : something that suprises

f : a cause of amazement or wonder

g : richly luxurious or appealing to the senses

h : having complied with the specific requirements or precedent conditions

i : worthy of being chosen

j : characterized by firm or rigid straightness in bodily posture

k : capable of being put to use; serviceable for an end or purpose

l : strong of character

m : promoting health or well-being of mind or spirit

n : having, involving, or displaying special skill

O: all of the above! And while you are at it...make that a DOUBLE O!

Package Day Song: Dresses to the Right

My name is Nonnie and I belong to the Aiken Breakin Broads Board, but I go to LBFCA site often and have used up quite a few Clayper towels mopping up the tears I have shed laughing at some of the posts. I have written several song parodies for the ABB board, and it has been suggested that I send you this particular one, as I am hesitant to post it at ABB, so as not to offend the sensibilities of anyone who might think it is a little too risque for some in the group. It was spawned from the hilarious review written at LBFCA (particularly the end where part of the description of Clay included DTTR. Once it was deciphered for us, all h**l broke loose). Anyway I hope you like it.

Hope you and the other Lecherous Broads enjoy it!

With shared affection (yeah, right, that's what it is!),

Dressing to the Right
To the Tune of Strangers in the Night
Lyrics by Nonnie from Aiken Breakin Broads, 7-14-03

Dressing to the right,

Attracting glances,

I wonder if it moves,

Each time he dances,

I might be in love,

Before the night is through.

Something in his eyes

Is so inviting,

Something in his pants,

Is so exciting,

Wonder if the myth

About big feet is true.

Dressing to the right,

I hope the pants

That he is wearing

Will be tight,

And at the moment when

He steps onto the stage,

I won't act my age,

I will not turn my glance away,

Right at his pants

It's gonna stay.


I live through the night,

I don't know whether,

I'll still have my eyesight,

If he wears leather,

I'll know at first sight,

He's dressing to the right.

...and, because we at LBFCA like to double our pleasure, especially on Package Day......

Today's Package Day entry can be blamed on:

Robin, Nonnie & Nelle
With special thanks to donnallcity from PRoC, from whom Nelle, um, received the Tampa Invisible gif

(if anyone has a gif of Tampa Invisible 1:04, please notify Nelle ;-)

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