Lecherous Broads For Clay Aiken!
Lecherous Broads for Clay Aiken!

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6:57 p.m.

You Know You're a Lecherous Broad If...

By Sandi

-You think that Diane, Neil and Jerry should be made Saints before Mother Theresa.

-You can burn toast and CDs at the same time.

-You have bought on Ebay, at least.. three tshirts, two pillows and a mousepad with Clay's picture on them.

-You have several boxes of Diapers in your closet and do not have a Baby.

-You know who Sugarmamacornpop is.

-You constantly check out the packages of UPS men.

-You are trying to find that Geeky, Redheaded Boy from third grade.

-You renamed your cats, Mojo,Solitaire and Twister.

-MnM is no longer a chocolate covered Peanut.

-Your best friends have names like Shieldmaiden and Goddess Wendella.

-You are over fifty and own a pair of Red Sneakers.

-You bought Stock in Krispy Kreme.

-You have been cited by your code enforcement officer for painting your house purple with orange dots.

-You have slept all night on the sidewalk outside your local Borders.

-You have a box of Kleenex beside your computer screen.

-You are in danger of being commited by your immediate family for dancing naked at two in the morning.

-You substitute *'s in the names of people you don't L*K*.

-When asked how old you are, you reply...I am on the first bus.

-You find words like Giddyup and Tee Hee creeping into your vocabulary.

-You are intensely territorial about an imaginary job on an imaginary ranch in an imaginary location.

-You accidently called your husband "Sugarpants" during sex.

-You now know three meanings for the word Beaver.

-You live in Waldo County.

Thanks to Poet Laureate Sandi for penning such an accurate description of
Lecherous Broads...

Pics from various sources including the Lucy/Desi pics copyright Adelaide Arts
Oh and if anyone knows EXACTLY WHO made that YUMMY Ranch Pic...
Let me know - they deserve A LOT of credit for that little beauty!

Photos selected and posted by: Wendy in Fl

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