Lecherous Broads For Clay Aiken!
Lecherous Broads for Clay Aiken!

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3:06 p.m.

Clay Takes Over On Jimmy Kimmel Show

Clay Showed Us All He's In Charge

The past couple days LBFCA has been on fire with protective energy on behalf of Clay Aiken. But, last night, appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, Clay reminded us, once again, he knows how to take care of himself. Very well.

He certainly doesn't need us to protect him from the likes of Jimmy Kimmel. I think Katynka said it best, with this post:

"That was done by one huge, long, lean, striped tiger who lounged in the prime piece of territory like only alpha males can, separating the lesser males from the females of the species. OMG was he ON last night. I think I could smell the pheremones through the screen. I have never seen him so at ease, so sure of himself, so bloody dominant. The body language said it all. And of course, I loved the snark."

Yes, Clayton let us know he owned the place, the moment he walked out on stage.

...and as he took on the comedian, with a look of complete confidence.

There has been considerable discussion of Clay's fashion choices for this appearance. Again, I turn to Katynka's post:

"AND, yes, I absolutely loved the outfit. My first reaction was WTF? But it highlighted the squareness of his shoulders, the length of his legs, his height, the glow of his skin and hair. Cutting edge? Hell yes. A bit odd? Sure (though less odd than Britney's bedraggled I Dream of Jeannie look). Attracting all attention to himself and away from sniveling Kimmel and the Ho? Damn right."

Lecherous Broads were quick to notice the purple stripes in that Tiger Jacket, a colorful sign we have long considered confirmation of Clay's devotion to his Lecherous Broads. But, there was a lively discussion about the creamy white sweatshirt underneath. Then, it finally dawned on me:

That hoodie was TWISTED!!!!!

Clay has obviously been keeping up with his Broads! He gave us lots of Twisty Feet on his recent appearance on the Ellen Show. But, without being able to sing and dance for us on J.K., he had to find a new way to shout out to his Beloved Broads!

Thanks, Clay, message recieved. *wink*


Thanks to Lisa for gathering the screen caps from around the United Clay Nations, including PROC and TTC.
Thanks to Katynka for the vivid description.
Thanks to Clay Aiken for everything.

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