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5:47 p.m.

Tiger on The Ranch

At Lecherous Broads for Clay Aiken we have long been proud of our special place, The Double-O Wild BEVR Ranch. For many months our singular purpose at The Ranch has been to attend to the every need for the care and satisfaction of our very special Freckled Stallion. And, that has been a mutually satisfying task, with Broads quite happy in our efforts. Well, things have started to be stirred up in new ways at the Double-O, as it seems in recent weeks there has been a new resident....surprisingly, a wild tiger has been roaming around the spread.

Now, it's not as though we've never seen something like this wild animal before....why our friend Clay's Tramp has even gathered pictorial evidence of his existence from months earlier, and called him DomClay. But, he does seem to be appearing more and more often lately, and is now settled quite comfortably at The Ranch. Interestingly, he doesn't attack the horses, and while some of the Broads are a little frightened of him, he hasn't harmed anyone. (I've heard a Broad or two begging to be harmed, but I'm not sure what they are talking about...ok, I do, too, know what they are talking about, but some things are best left to the Purple Pages ;-).

The other interesting thing is....whenever the TIGER is around, we can't find the Freckled Stallion! Our StudMuffin doesn't seem at all upset about the new sexy beast in the environs, but, they are never seen together.....almost like Clark Kent and Superman. When one appears, the other seems MIA. Curious, curious.

Yes, it's rather unexpected, but there have been numerous sightings of the sexy beast at The Double-O, most recently, MnMsMom brought us this rare photograph of the beautiful creature:


Well, if you've spent any time with us, you know we enjoy honoring the herstory at LBFCA with special songs. So no one was all that surprised when Lila created the following verse, in honor of our Tiger.

The Tiger Sleeps Tonight

By Lila
To the tune of The Lion Sleeps Tonight
by Robert John

(you all know the tune, so sing along!)

Di di didi , di di dididi, di wee yum yummy yay
Di di didi , di di dididi, da wee yum yummy yay

In the Ranch house, the steamy Ranch House, the TIGER sleeps tonight.
In the Ranch house, the dim-lit Ranch House, the Broads have such a plight!

hup, hup

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEE EEE EEEE ah yum yummy yay.....
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEE EEE EEEE ah yum ah yummy yay.....


OH golly WOW!
Let's wake him now....
Don't make a peep!
He needs his sleep.
Just want a peek
beneath the sheet.

Such noise you make!
He will awake!
I need to know
what's down below....

Now shut the door
Or he will rrrrroar.
Oh, flannel stripes?
or....nothing? Yipes!

What's that you say?
I think I'll stay

In the Ranch House, the Broads' own Ranch House, the TIGER sleeps tonight.
In the Ranch House, the Broads all meet and, in Lechery unite.

hup, hup


EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEE EEE EEEE ah yum yummy yay.....
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEE EEE EEEE ah yum ah yummy yay.....

posted by Nelle
Thanks to Katynka for identifying Our Tiger
Thanks to Wendy in FL for her photoshop skills
Thanks to Lila for her song
Thanks to Clay Aiken for everything


Thanks to Dotty B, for sending along this speical pic, of DomClay in a TUX:

our Tiger certainly knows a thing or two about how to wear clothes

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