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Lecherous Broads for Clay Aiken!

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2:16 p.m.


In light of recent events our Freckled Stallion, aka Tiger, has had to endure some pretty rough and unfair criticism in the Media this past week, as if the nonad o'moron verbage wasn't enough. While it appears the main offense, a "Bad P*TA" 'ad' featuring a certain foul mouthed puppet, has been pulled from distribution, in the aftermath of incredible response from Clay's fans, the Broads and Brudes wish to provide information for anyone who wishes to continue efforts to influence positive change. Many are prepared to discontinue any efforts, in the aftermath of the offending ad being dropped. Others are suspicious of P*TA's tactics, and want this information to be available in case of a renewed offense against Clay. The MP Broads accept and support LBFCA participants in making this decision for themselves, and is providing the following for information purposes only.

For those who wish to continue the anti-P*TA campaign, support can be in the form of loyalty to sponsors who pulled their support from P*TA this week. Support can also be in the form of continued respectful communication to P*TA, and to it's ongoing sponsors.

First we need to distinguish between which is the Good P*TA and which is the Bad P*TA.

Good P*TA: Thin Flat bread separated easily into 2 layers to form pockets. Pockets are filled with tasty veggies with our without meat. Many in the United Clay Nations enjoy this kind of P*TA.

Bad P*TA: Tasteless flap of dough separated into complex layers so it can line its pockets. Including meat is discouraged because animals get hurt in the end.....a worthy intent that was lost in a campaign apparently aimed at hurting an honorable human being.

Due to Bad P*TA's FOUL tactics, many Broads and Brudes would like to pants it and take a big chunk out of its rear end or, at the very least, give it a painful wedgy. Keeping P*TA's sponsors informed that their money originates from OUR money may cause a tightening of the wedgy. Those that wish to join in giving P*TA a memorable chafing can start by resuming tactful and informative contact with sponsors.

LBFCA is not encouraging offensive or rude communication. As recently pointed out by Mare in the Purple Pages, quoted below, there is a way to go way too far in the wrong direction:

"Got an e-mail from a P*TA sponsor who didn't like the ad but wasn't going to pull her support for various reasons. What disturbed me was she got many horrid e-mails from supposed Clay fans who made threats, etc. She wondered how people could tell her what a wonderful caring person Clay was and yet behave so badly."

The MP Broads encourage anyone who wishes to continue a letter writing campaign, to do so in a way that shows support to Clay, without besmirching the reputation of his fans. There is no call for threats, rants, or even rudeness.

Early efforts in contacting sponsors saw a very small victory with 4 of them reportedly removing their monetary and advertising support from P*TA. Other boards have backed away to allow Our MAN's attorneys to reason with P*TA. Although the Triumph ad was pulled (as far as we know) and Triumph made a statement in support of Clay by reporting what appears to be a P*TA instigated emotional blackmail attempt in order to cash in on Clay's celebrity status, P*TA still blindsided everyone by giving the press their distorted version of the kitten accident.


Claytrain. Rumbling. Head On. POW!!!!!

We wish to publicly thank the following former P*TA sponsors for supporting good ethics and removing their support. We do not want to contact them again other than to say, thanks, or to purchase their products:

AHH Bean Bag Chairs
Paul Frank Industries
Bio-Balancing Therapies

Below are the sponsors not yet heard from and, indeed, some may not have been contacted yet. If you choose to contact any of them, remember...be respectful.

    P*TA Sponsors:

  • Amazon.com

  • The Sharper Image(sharperimage.com)Tempurpedic sells here so lets include them too
  • MCI

  • Avon.com

  • Staples.com

  • Travelocity.com

  • Zales Jewelers

  • Florist.com

  • Kiss My Face cosmetics(this is carried by alot of stores,I think we should write to as many as possible)
  • Random House Inc.

  • delias.com

  • moo shoes

  • Ebubbles.com

  • Soapdreams.com

  • Allposters.com

  • yakpak.com

  • Angelnet

  • Bela Art

  • realgoods.com

  • Gardesalive.com

  • kennedycreations.com

  • therightsqueak.com

  • messageproducts.com

  • HeartlandProducts.com cowch.com

  • smithfieldwine.com

  • chreese.com

  • bulgebag.com

  • Arbonne

  • sweetonioninn.com

  • alternativebaking.com

  • delicious-choices(yahoo store)

  • paxorganica.com

  • popnmama.com

  • smallflower.com

  • natural health magazine

  • gaiam.com

  • beanproducts.com

  • clearconscience.com

  • proflowers.com

  • villageorganics.com

  • healthy-eating.com

  • vegancookies.com

  • vegdining.com

  • vegnews.com

  • vegecyber.com

  • sea chi organics

  • veganmercantile.com

  • vegan.wholefoodfarmacy.com

  • vegieworld.com

  • animalrightstuff.com

  • Ibeauty and Health

  • vegetarianguides.co.uk.com

  • mp enterprises

  • green earth office supply

  • EcoIsp.cpm

  • playhousenow.biz

  • Big screen music/carmichael productions

  • Froglynn's

  • Electric Tofu

  • Twin Heart productions

  • Truth Belts

  • Berkely breathed

  • jewelry by kriss rosstad

  • artist jeffrey sax

  • rickgarcia.com

  • customatix.com

  • gotta-have-it.us.com

  • theosjewels.com

  • disc! overfauxfur.com

  • fabulousfurs.com

  • crueltyfreeshop.com

  • anima lrightsstuff.com

  • Two's company NY

  • earthdog.com

  • dogsownpantry.com

  • vegancats.com

  • topcatproducts.com

  • animal wellness magazine

  • vegnews.com

  • felinefiesta.com

  • pangea's veganstore.com

  • Road runner sports

  • fogdog sports

  • ethicalwares.com

  • viavegan.com

  • vegiterianshoes.com

  • veganessentials.com

  • m2 custom animal portraits

  • Mark Shields Jewelry

  • Water color portraits by c.a.wells

  • F&O alternative pet products

  • K9 Domain

  • National Pet Pharmacy

  • Petfooddirect.com

  • petfoodshop.com

  • Haley's hotel

  • Michael leah keck-borsits

  • [email protected]

  • [email protected]

  • [email protected]

  • [email protected]

  • [email protected]

  • [email protected]

  • [email protected]

  • [email protected]

  • [email protected]

  • [email protected]

  • [email protected]

  • [email protected]

  • [email protected]

  • [email protected]

  • [email protected]

  • [email protected]

  • [email protected]

  • Jeffrey P. Bezos, Founder, Pres., CEO, Chairman of Board
    Amazon.com Inc.
    1200 12th Ave. South, Suite 1200
    Seattle, Washington 98144
    Fax: 206/266-1000


    Copies of form sponsor letters and Triumph's statement are available as are related articles denouncing P*TA and there is a Petition aimed at pulling P*TA's tax-exempt status. If you need directions to get to these, please contact Sherry or Sandi if you can't find something to substantiate your efforts.


    LBFCA also appreciates the organization of informatin provided by our sisters and brothers in ClayLove at PROC, and takes this opportunity to share this link to PROC Advertisers Thread for NBC and sponsors of nonad o'moron.


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