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Lecherous Broads for Clay Aiken!

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2:46 p.m.

Disco Sucks!

You may have been pondering why it is that Julia gets to stay on yet another week...but here I am, wondering what traumatic event it was that caused our beloved Clay to be so afraid of the water.

Was it the same thing that made him want to work with kids with special needs?


Deep thoughts.

Of course, I'm also pondering how in the hell Julia is still on the show.

Another thought I had, about this site, is that we need a links page with all of the Official Broads diaries (or recording artists websites like Paula's)

So how about you sign the guestbook and make sure and leave your url and I'll make us up a links page with a button for the main page.

Don't be afraid! You're not alone in your lust for Clay Aiken!

And disco? Good Lord...that show is going to stink! What are they going to sing? I can guess that Corey will do an Earth Wind & Fire song. Same for Ricky. Those two and their high voices. Ruben will pull out either another Luther song or McFadden & Whitehead (Ain't no Stoppin' Us Now) or "Always and Forever" a disco song redone recently by Luther.

And poor little Charles, he would have sang a medley of Thriller and Off the Wall songs. *sniff*

If one of them sings "You Can Ring My Bell" (ding dong ding) I'll just puke!

Which one of the gals do you think will try Donna Summers "McArthur Park"?

Oh dear Lord, it's just not right to have grown up in the peak of Disco. I must confess here that I participated in an all-night disco dance marathon to raise funds for something (Muscular Dystrophy? Future Fools Aiken for Clay? I can't remember)


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