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Lecherous Broads for Clay Aiken!

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LBFCA is not appropriate for minor children.

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Disclaimer: LBFCA is not appropriate for minor children. The participants of Lecherous Broads for Clay Aiken enjoy adult-themed discourse. Writers of LBFCA Main Page entries prefer that participants maintain the tradition of innuendo-laden references established in the Manifesto, as envisioned by our Founding Broads. But, we are still lecherous for goodness sake, and therefore, we agree LBFCA is not appropriate for anyone under the age of 18. Parental supervision is recommended.

Main Page Broads

Serving lechery (and Clay) worldwide since 2003.

Nelle, Keeper of the Keys
Erin, Rolling Stone Model
Julie, Song Stylist and Champagne Room Proprietress
Katynka, Photoshop Fairy
Kelly, Media Broad
Lisa, Birthday Broad
Danielle, the Broad formerly known as Marie, Queen of Snark
Melissa, Booty Hunter
Odin, HTML Guru and Feline Idol
Robin, Human Resources Director for "Broad Magazine"
Sandi, Poet Laureate
Wendy in FL, Goddess of Lechery aka ClaysTramp

Special mention must be given to our favorite Brude and EBUB (Emergency Back-Up Boyfriend), Tony.

Email one of us if you have a question or a suggestion for the main page.

LBFCA Founding Lechers

Founding Broads

(note from Nelle: If you go to FB Lisa's site, and her 'notify list' function is turned on, please do not sign up expecting updates about LBFCA. Her updates are about her site, not LBFCA).

Other Sites About Clay

MnM's Fantabulous Site
Clayton Aiken Dot Com
Clay in Idolonfox
Clay Aiken - the next American Idol!
Clay Aiken Online

Broad Links Page edits, to provide updates as Clack sites evolve:

Recommended sites for Clack, including news, links, video, audio, photographic and upcoming appearances schedules. LBFCA has no formal affiliation with any of these sites. Please note that some of the sites have requests for contributions of money or volunteers.

All Things Clay Aiken
Clack Unlimited
Clay Aiken "Official" Website
Clay Aiken "Official" Fan Club Website (the real one, started April '05!)
Clay Nation News sign up page
Finding Clay Aiken, A Complete List of Clay Aiken Sites
The Clayboard
It's All About Love (diana l. kilbridge posts her montages here)
Measure of a Fan (formerly MN Clay Fans)
PROC's ezboard site
PROC's The Clackhouse
whatsgonzo.net, Fan Video Depot and Archive

The One Post Per Hour Tradition

Public Service Announcement: It has come (yeehaw!) to my attention, that signmyguestbook.com no longer enforces the 1 post per hour limit. This is a loss to many of us at LBFCA, who have always found the restraint ..........hmmmm, LBFCA + restraint = Clay & duct tape........ um, where was I........oh, yes, the One Post Per Hour Tradition......we always found the need to wait an hour between posts, resulted in the LBFCA Guest Book having a comfortable pace that set us apart from other sites that have forums. We often found ourselves explaining, to Newbies, how The One Post Per Hour Tradition, also required us to think through what we wanted to say, and reduced the short quip posts found elsewhere (like 'kewl,' or 'lol' as the sum total of a post). Not that there's anything wrong with short posts, as our short post master, Tony can attest (that man can get so much done in a short amount of time, fortunately, we are all convinced there's nothing else short about him ;-)

If you came (wheee) to LBFCA sometime in the past couple months, you were probably never introduced to the one post per hour limit imposed by signmyguestbook.com, and might even be surprised by this Public Service Announcement. This announcement is not meant as a criticism, especially to anyone who has recently been posting frequently. It is meant as an invitation, a request, to please consider limiting yourself to One Post Per Hour.

Now, if you mess up a link, or forget something essential, or Clay stops by and asks you out for a date, go ahead, post again, quickly. It's not a RULE, so much as it is a TRADITION. I like traditions, that's why we recently featured songs from Fiddler on the Roof on the Main Page. I hope, if you are willing to join the LBFCA One Post Per Hour Tradition that you will find it a satisfying discipline. Think about how Clayton sings Can You Feel the Love Tonight, and plays with the audience with that ultra long pause before he sings the final note. That man understands the satisfaction of delayed gratification. Hope you will, too. --Nelle, Keeper of the Keys, 8/24/03

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