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Lecherous Broads for Clay Aiken!

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8:51 a.m.

Pox on Fox


(scroll down for illustrations)


One sings!

Two sings!

Three sings!


Do you want to hear

some more?

Some are good.

Some are bad.

Some make my ears

very sad!


This one's thin

That one's fat.

The fat one wears a funny hat!

Stand still!

Sweat! Sweat!

He cannot move.

He is all wet!

Can you count to 205?

Not yet! 


There is one who has to run

From the law!

Run! Run! Run!

Gone, gone!

His days are done!

He digs big ditches in the sun

Thing! Thing!

What is that thing?

Thing sings?

That thing cannot sing!

Song long.

A long, long song!

Goodbye, goat!

You sing too long!


Hell, Bell!

I do not like this one so well!

All he does

Is yell, yell, yell!

I will not have this one about!

Poor, poor, Boy..

Lets vote him out!

March! March!

All the day!

Are you glad he went away?

Look! Look!

Where? Where?

Look at me!

Yellow hair!

Built! Built?

Pretty! Pretty?

Cannot sing!

What a pity!

Going back to

Branson City!


See! See!

The one for me!

Makes me swoon!

Makes me sway!

He is tall!

His name is Clay! 

Clay! Clay!

I think about him every day!

Pretty eyes!

Pants that cling!

I want Clay to sing, sing, sing!

Smile! Wink!

Wink at me!

Shake a hip!

I have to pee!


Clay! Clay!

I love Clay!

I want to laugh.

I want to play.

I want to lay in the hay!

Every day, lay with Clay!


Lay! Lay!

I want to lay.

I want to lay

On top of Clay!

Nay! Nay!

Whats that you say?

I must not lay on top of Clay?

Say! Look at his fingers!

One, two three.

How many wooblies do I see?

Call! Call!

I can call..

Call all night..Call all day

Clay must never go away!


Hello! Hello?

Are you there?

I want to vote!

Do you care?

Oh, No! Blue! Blue!

I cannot make my calls go thru!

Sad! Sad!

Poor, poor Clay!

Will he have to go away?


What? No way!

A mouse has chewed the line, you say?

I do not trust you!

No, I say!

You want Clay to go away!

This is not good

and I know why!

Fox is bad!!

Bad Fox!




But Clay did not have to go away after all because he was stronger and wiser than the evil Fox! Clay will never go away as long as good girls and boys {And some older broads} believe in him. So...POX on FOX!!  And remember...you must NEVER lay on Clay...thats MY job!!!!

by Dr. Sandi

What FOX and Slimon can go do with themselves:

Photo thanks to Beth

A reminder why the Broads Love Clay, (and why Dr. Sandi is not alone in wanting to lay on top of Clay) and to get the thoughts of FOX and Slimon out of our minds:


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