Lecherous Broads For Clay Aiken!
Lecherous Broads for Clay Aiken!

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6:10 a.m.

Celebrate Clay Every Day & 1st Package Day

Celebrate Clay Every Day & 1st Package Day

Sometimes we find Celebrating All Things Clay to be overwhelming every day. There is just so much about him to admire. So, here at LBFCA, we have agreed (mostly) to focus our celebratory attention on specific regions of Clay's delightful attributes, each being honored with a special day every week. No, we are not cutting him up into pieces like chopped meat (apologies to any Brudes who winced at that reference, considering what day this is). There is no rule about enjoying aspects of Clay that are not the particular focus of any given day. And, we all love celebrating and enjoying so much about Our Idol, we keep getting mixed up, about what day it's supposed to be, anyway.

Here's the Official LBFCA Celebrate Clay Every Day Calendar:
(note: known to be subject of frequent changes)

Monday - the Head (the one ON TOP of the body, Wendy)
Tuesday - Neck and Shoulders
Wednesday - Torso (including chest, arms, hands, TUMMY)
Thursday - Legs and Feet (downy downy goodness)
Saturday - A** A** A** (aka: baby got back!)
Sunday - The Voice, and a celebration of the totality of the goodness of Clay Aiken

Happy Package Day!

In honor of the first official LBFCA Package Day, our own Wax Goddess Beth, has created the wondrous:

Package Day Candle


By: Erin
To the tune of FRIDAY by The Cure
Photos provided by Marie and Sandi


I don't care if Monday blows

Tuesday ís dull and Wednesday ís slow

Thursday if we all feel low

Come Friday - package time!


Monday is about the lips

Tuesday, Wednesday torso quips

Thursday we love deep hip dips

Then Friday - golden vine!


Saturday - A**!

On Sunday you sing and we gasp

But Friday - we long for your mass.


Monday we'd all like a taste

Tuesday, Wednesday second base

Thursday goes below the waist

Broads, Friday - get in line!


Monday can we rub your head?

Tuesday Wednesday: copper threads?

Thursday spoon your a** in bed?

Friday, Waldo we find!


Saturday - TUSH!

Sunday your voice turns us to mush

But Friday watch the package push.


F**k us with your eyes,

makes us drop like flies,

to see your wand and your spirits rise.

We are bowing down

and just smiling at the sound

of your number one hit

spinning round and round.

Directed to the right?

It ís such a gorgeous sight

to see you clutching on stage each night.

We can never get enough,

enough of your stuff!

It ís Friday

Clay ís divine!


Monday can I kiss your face?

Tuesday Wednesday are unchaste

Thursday ís your downy ball space

But Friday, package time!



Finally, we are fortunate to be able to make this special presentation on The First Official Package Day............

our own LBFCA investigative reporter, Katynka................

unearthed this previously squashed screencap from.............

an unaired media interview in which.............

Clay, himself, answers the most important Broadly Package Day Question..................

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