Lecherous Broads For Clay Aiken!
Lecherous Broads for Clay Aiken!

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7:07 a.m.

Today's Nelle's Birthday...

A Special Birthday Wish for A Special Broad....

A thousand Birthday wishes..
To a much loved fellow Broad!
You guide us thru the battles, Nelle...
We all stand and applaud!
We'd like to send you Buttercup
To celebrate this day...
To sing," Oh, Happy Birthday, Guuurl,"
{ Then you could have your way!}
We know he'd be here if he knew..
We'll wish for that next year..
But, meanwhile, some special gifts from us...
To make you feel he's near!

LB Sandi


Nelle ~ I tried to get you a "Hot Stud" for your birthday ~ will this one do?
LB Melissa


Today we'd like to celebrate
our dear friend Nelle's birthday!
To let her know WE LOVE IT HERE
and not JUST 'cause of CLAY!

She volunteered to keep the keys,
a job few would have done.
She helps keep LBFCA going strong
in lechery, wit and fun!

She watches out for all the Broads
and keeps Tony from harm's way ;-)
She posts vital Clay tid-bits
while keeping Trolls at bay.

So let's raise our glass to Nelle,
a Broad extraordinaire.
Through the clutches, and EF's.
She's always been there!

LB Robin


Erin sends this message from Clay:
"Even though Erin was with me, I was thinking of you the whole time."

LB Erin


Wendy in FL writes:
"You know they say a rose by any other name would smell as sweet ..."
Well, a Nelle by any other name would still talk about Clay's , um, um, his, hmmmm, his feet?

Love you Nelle,
LB Wendy in Fl };->


"Actions just aren't loud enough. You need to hear the words."
We all knew the thrusting, grinding, clutching and eyef*cking that went on during the American Idols tour was directed at Our Nelle. For your birthday, it appears Clay has decided to take the more "direct" approach when trying to get your attention. Happy Birthday to a most amazing Broad.

We love you.
-LB Marie


Julie adds:
" I'm giving you a week with Natural Bedhead Dallas Clayton to do with as you please, but I want him back washed and without permanent marks." ;o)

LB Julie

Kelly has few words but a lot of time on her hands...

Nelle, try not to catch Waldo with your teeth, glass is hard on the chompers!


Last but not least...
Katynka and Odin found this gem:

Somebody's been holdin' out on us...
Nelle's a SupahStah...

HEY! Today's your birthday...
It's okay to pretend...

We love you Nelle,
From All the MainPage Broads...

Thanks to all the MP Broads and various picture outlets for these
wonderful gifts...

Posted by: Wendy in FL (Robin MADE ME!)

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