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Lecherous Broads for Clay Aiken!

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8:49 p.m.

Bobblefest BEVR - NSST

My Bobblefest experience started on Tuesday when I found out from FLB Erin that the game was in fact NOT sold out as had been reported. I immediately ordered tickets, instructed Best Daughter In The World Ashley (hereafter referred to as BDITW Ashley) to get off work, and started planning my weekend.

Erin and I emailed back and forth furiously for a day or two, and finally decided it would be cool to meet for dinner before the game. Erin, Robin, Amber, BDITW Ashley, and I made 5. When we realized how many people were coming to Charlotte, we thought it would also be fun to invite them to dinner. I posted on the pages for those who wanted details to email me. My inbox filled up immediately and when the dust settled, I had 26 broads planning to come (oh yes!). We decided on Chinese buffet because it's fast - nobody wanted to get to the game late and miss getting a Bobblehead.

Saturday morning, I went by the Lotus Buffet to double check, and they assured me we had the party room. I thought "They have absolutely no idea."

I arrived at the restaurant for dinner at about 4, 40 - 20 minutes early, and proceeded to drive BDITW Ashley nuts with my jiggling, squirming, finger tapping and incessant chatter. That child has the patience of Job. When I simply couldn't sit still any longer, she said "Why don't you walk outside and see if you see anyone?". I am SURE she wasn't trying to get rid of me or anything. I was off like a shot.

I walked outside and passed 2 ladies wearing sorta purply stuff, and we kinda looked at each other. When they went inside, I followed them, deciding it was too much of a coincidence. They turned around and I said "Are you LBFCA?", thinking if they weren't, they at least wouldn't know what I was talking about and therefore think I was an idiot. OMG it was Raleighgurrl and DrNC!!!! We hugged and I led them to our tables. We sat down and chatted like old friends. I was really relieved - I had this fear that no one would show up.

After a few minutes, I got antsy again and said I was going trolling for broads again. I walked to the door and ran right smack into Gini and Mr Gini. I took them in, got them seated, and decided it was working pretty well so far, so I went back outside. Across the parking lot were coming 2 broads (no doubt) sporting the purple proudly. Diana Kilbridge and Lila!!! While we hugged and introduced ourselves, I looked up and saw FLB Erin, Robin and Amber!!! Pretty soon we were joined by Filly Sue and Mr. FS, Michelle in VA and her friend, and Trusty and her friend Mary. Lila handed out Bobblefest nametags she had made and the cutest pencils with purple tassels and a little purple crown - very appropriate.

I welcomed everyone and then we ate. Michelle showed us her beautiful banner and we shared signs and buttons. After we ate, talk turned to the possibility of continuing the party after the concert, uh, basketball game. I quickly ran through options in my head, and arrived at the only one that made any sense - my house for coffee and clack. We agreed to meet after the game, and set out to the arena. Gini rode with me so Mr. Gini could go to a sportsbar and watch the Panthers game. She was very determined to find better seats. For that whole story, check out her BEVR. Her new friend Susan wanted to come over to the clackfest afterward, and we all agreed she was welcome. We got through the door, turned over our tickets and then, at last, the Bobblehead was in my hot little hands. I opened mine to see if it was as ugly as the pictures (sorry guys, but sheesh! The pictures of that thing were homely - not at all up to Clayton's caliber). Fortunately, it was not. It was actually kinda cute. We found our seats and since Diana K and Lila's seats were even more nosebleed than ours, they sat with us hoping maybe the seats on our row wouldn't fill up. While we were sitting there, Diana K treated me to a dead-on impression of the Crocodile Hunter (fighting her way through the gingery underbrush to find a very LARGE croc) and I nearly wet myself. Pretty soon, the row filled up, so they had to go to their own seats. Oh well, we tried.

Finally, finally, finally, it was time. The announcer introduced Clay and the whole crowd was on its feet. There were so many people there who were ONLY there to hear him sing. Now, I have heard him sing the SSB on TV and in clips, but nothing prepares you for how incredible it is live. His lower register gave me chills. His upper register gave me chills. The view was pretty nice too - he stood with his butt - uh, back - to us while he sang.

Since I didn't have binoculars, I didn't get to watch Clay be Clay during the game, and I am SO envious of those who did.

Halftime came and there was some presentin'. Checks, a Waldo, uh, Belk Tower pic, more checks. Good God just let him sing already. I had heard on the news that he was doing one song - Invisible. I was a teeny bit disappointed - I have heard him do Invisible live. I wanted The Way. I wanted it bad. The announcer introduced him singing his number one hit Invisible and the arena went wild, but Clayton had a surprise for us. It went a lot wilder when he started singing The Way. I personally screamed for a few seconds until I realized that while I was screaming, I couldn't hear him sing! I shut up then, and let Clayton transport me to another place with his voice. He was beautiful, and he sang beautifully. I think my heart stopped for a few minutes. He walked all around the court, making love to the audience with his eyes and voice.

When that was done, he went straight into Invisible, complete with a mini-clutch, foot hoppies, and spins. Have I mentioned how beautiful he is? I didn't even mind the clothes - it was enough that he was there, singing to me.

When he finished, the applause and screams were deafening. He left, and so did half the crowd. I guess we know what they were there for! We started gathering at the entrance, where we met Christina and Granny8517.

When we left the arena. We decided to meet in the hotel parking lot since traffic was so bad. 15 minutes later, we were ready to convoy to my house. When we got there. I put in the AI DVD my good friend STB sent me, and we watched it all from the very beginning. I think Erin said it was like reading old love letters, and she is exactly right. While we were watching it, STB called me, and after I chatted with her a bit, telling her about the concert. I asked if she wanted to speak to her fellow Stevie Nicks/Clayton fan Diana K. She said "oh, can I?", so I gave Diana the phone. I think they had a really good time "meeting" on the phone.

All too soon, it was 2AM and they were all getting sleepy, so we said our goodnights. My new RL friends left, and I went to bed with a smile on my face. Clayton and broads all in one day - it don't get any better than that!

Not So Saintly Theresa

posted by Nelle

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