Lecherous Broads For Clay Aiken!
Lecherous Broads for Clay Aiken!

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7:20 a.m.


Clay Aiken proved he had the 'Measure of a Man' by selling more than 2 million copies of his debut album. And now, for a limited time only at LBFCA you can own your very own Hooked on Clayphonics Kit

The revolutionary kit comes with Audio pronunciation guides so you, too, can learn to sound out words like

"Wer Herld" and "Na Chure"

.. with the same phrasing and intonation as Mr. Aiken himself! Harden those R's and let your Sssss' fly free!

In Module one, you will learn proper vowel pronunciation as in "Ah'm" and "Mah." This will help Broads immensely with those Back Stage Meet and Greets.

Example: "Whiiiy Clay ... AHhhh Luuuuvv Yur Shooeeees !"

Wendy in FL Says ....

But now with Hooked on ClayPhonics you too can realize a dream!

In Module Two We will study vowel elongation for words like keeeeeeeng and seeeeeeeeeeng.

Which again will help when Broads are letting him know just what they want ...

Example: "Whiiiy Clay .. can you breeeeng me your _____________."
(you can fill in the blank!)

Each module includes Quizzes comprised of multiple choice and fill in the blank to measure your progress. Here's a sample :

1. _____________ the one.

Which is the correct choice?
a. steeeel
b. stahl
c. still

2. Scratch mah __________.

Which is the correct choice?

a. itch
b. eeetch
c. atch

AND ...

That's only the half of it! If you are one of the first twenty five people to order the hooked on Clayphonics kit, you will receive a special videotaped lesson by Clay Aiken himself in which he demonstrates the pronunciation of the word "BECOS" (the key to this lesson, of course, is to purse the lips in a kissing fashion.)

Before you know it ... you'll be seeeenging right along to all Clay's songs! Words like "cah rye" and "Enveesabull" will just roll off your tongue.

Just ask Danielle!

Note: This is what happens when two Broads drink Coca Cola and chat in the afternoon while downloading and viewing Clack together ...

Written by Danielle and Wendy in FL

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