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6:52 p.m.

Fugly Shirts vs Fashion Statement (*edited over and over and over)

For months Lecherous Broads have been talking about Clayton’s clothing choices. From his initial appearance on AI2, Clay’s fashion sense has been the subject of much scrutiny.

Some Broads loved that look, some didn’t.

During the AI2 season, we certainly looked forward to seeing Clay, and seeing what he would wear, with nearly as much anticipation as we looked forward to hearing him sing. Then, we would talk and talk and talk about what he wore, among other things. Even then there were fashion controversies. During the summer, I found myself challenging another Broad to a pudding wrassle when she threatened to make a bonfire from the stripey long sleeved button downs. Clay simply made that look his own. We moved forward, and discussed Clay’s changing fashion as part of his endearing imperfections.

Yes, Broads have been known to disagree about what we like to see Clay wear. Sometimes individual Broads have been known to be ambivalent…in her own journal, Katynka recently challenged Clay outright on the basketball jersey over long sleeved button down look. Then she completely reversed herself soon after. We have raved about Clay removing an item of clothing now and again. As well as encouraged him to bundle up. So, obviously we have been a bit, um, polarized at times regarding Clay’s fashion choices.

But, until now, we have not directly addressed the confusing (to some Broads) issue of the Fugly Shirt vs the Fashion Plate look of our Strawberry Stallion and Wild Tiger. How does one man have two such obviously divergent styles? Do the fugly shirts truly represent Clayton’s own fashion preferences? Are the Stylish Trendsetter looks solely the responsibility of his stylists? (If so, we certainly hope said stylists received hefty Christmas bonuses!)

We can’t believe Clay is uninformed about the controversy raging over his clothes. After all, even during AI, he participated in poking more than a little fun regarding his dual image:


Think back to some of the beautiful outfits Clay wore during the AI Season:

(*sigh* Ok, just because you may have noticed a pattern with those pictures all featuring Clay in a natty black jacket with square shoulders does not mean anything…the personal fetishes, um, I mean preferences of the author are not the issue of this MP…move along….)

No doubt about it, the man looks darn good in nice clothes.

But, behind the scenes, Clay would be discovered at some appearance or another, apparently dressed in his grandpa’s shirt:

Can we spell ‘bland?’

Then, the season ended, and Clay showed up, on TV, dressed to impress:

Or, at least to wake up his audience. (Clay I love the stripey button downs, but keep that shirt for Wango Tango only.)

During the ClayLive summer concert tour, Lecherous Broads raved over his handsome TITN suit and Purple Tie…and we were so proud to see him wear that same outfit to appear before some bigwigs in Washington:

Talk about Political Chic

But, even during rehearsal week, we learned Clay was pretty comfortable dressing down .

Clay, did you get the inspiration for this shirt from Blues Clues?

Clay seemed so comfortable with himself, he’d show up at an interview dressed like this:

(ok, so it was a radio interview, but it ended up with video online)

Well yes, he’s still beautiful…

….but even he may have been aghast being captured on camera like this!

And then there were the various meet and greet events and fan pix with Casual Clay.

Kat calls this Clay’s ‘Pimp Hat’

After the summer tour, Clay went on to impress us, over and over and over, with his media appearance Fashion Statements. From….

Fashion Plate on Leno, to…

Stylish Trendsetter on Kimmel

Then, I guess just to balance that all out, he would show up dressed like this….

I guess he hadn’t unpacked his iron yet.

Later, there was this iron free number:

Is there a Fugly Grandpa Sweater award?
(Oooooo, do you think he’s sneering like that cause he doesn’t like me snarkin on his clothes?)

It’s not exactly a ‘media appearance,’ but he must have known the cameras were going to be there for this:

That is too a fugly shirt! Broads, get your minds off Clay’s dreamy expression, and his eyes, and his neck, and his lips, and his cheekbones, and his hunched shoulders, and forget about how he sounded singing acoustic MOAM…focus on the snark, we are focused on the fugly shirt right now…we are not focusing on Clay’s dreamy expression, or Clay’s eyes, or Clay’s neck, or Clay’s lips, or Clay’s cheekbones, or Clay’s hunched shoulders, or Clay’s VOICE….

um, where was I?

Oh yes, we have further evidence that Clay is still buying those ‘interesting’ patterned shirts…

Clay, Julie says Holly Hobbie wants her shirt back!

Perhaps Clay’s bipolar fashion sense can best be observed by noting the juxtaposition of his rehearsal outfits relative to his media appearance and performance outfits…here are a select few:

MAP Rehearsal

MAP Meets Carnaby Street

GMA Rehearsal in a Hoodie and the Infamous Beggy Pants

GMA The Belt The Belt The Belt The Belt OMG The Belt!

(That was pretty much my initial reaction to seeing Clay that morning…well, he hadn’t shown up on our TV’s or computers with his shirt tucked in for many a moon, give a Broad a break.)

GMA The Shoulders

(Yes, I can too show his shoulders again!)

AMA Rehearsal
Ok, there’s really nothing wrong with this look…egad the man looks good in black, doesn’t he?

AMA Performance…this outfit certainly highlights many of Clay’s fine attributes.

AMA Fashion Designer’s Dream

Entering Letterman studio…

Runway Clay on Letterman

Later he wore nearly that same outfit for his appearance at the Crabtree Mall…

I’m showing you this photo as an example of how Clay sometimes uses stubble as a fine accessory….yeah, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Billboard Music Awards Rehearsal….what is this shirt? A K-Mart Special?

Billboard Music Awards Red Carpet…very Avant Garde, don’t you think? (Thanks to Lila for finding me this pic….now, why do you suppose I thought to ask her?)

Billboard Music Awards Performance. Some Broads immediately thought of Hogwarts upon seeing this jacket. Clay is certainly magical, but I don’t think his facial expression, sultry stance or microphone debacle in this photo are appropriate for children.

Well, Broads & Brudes, there you have it... my pictorial on the duality of Clay in Clothes.

I will close with an offering from STB, but I warn you, she takes a very strong stand on the Fugly shirts. All you Fugly Shirt Lovers (*gazing cautiously at Melissa*), I won’t leave you high and dry. In deference to Clayton’s apparent affinity for those striped polos and print T’s, I will leave this little gift for him, to meet his shopping needs:

Target Men’s Shirts

(Did you know Wal-Mart does not sell fugly shirts, I mean clothing, online? Me neither. This concludes the educational portion of this MP)

The Way (He Dresses)


There's something bout the way you looked tonight....

Something bout the way that- your jeans were way too long

Something bout the shirts piled on so high

That told me sweetie....you've really got it wrong

And I need to share this thought

How can you dress that way? and still be so darned hot?

It's in the way that you wear it

Like you don't even care that it

looks like you rolled out of bed..oh yeah

It's in the patterns and fit, Clay

Try harder to find a way

to dress more like GQ instead.....all right

I can't put my finger on just what it is

that makes you dress so bad...yes, you Clay

oh baby, will this never end?


Get it together soon......

I know you have the knowledge

throw out your stuff from college

show us the hunky guy that's under there....oh yeah

it's the way that you combine it

don't dress yourself...don't try it...

please show us that you care!

With thanks for the creative assistance by Julie, Lila, Melissa, Katynka, Lisa, Wendy, technical assistance by Odin, and special thanks to STB for her song and her snark.

Thanks to Clay Aiken for everything.

Note from Nelle:

Late breaking news just in...

Our own Kelly in RI 'interviewed' Clay Aiken regarding his reaction to his Lecherous Broads snarkin on his clothes...how Kelly did this while she is in RI and Clay is not, is not important. Just trust that Broads work in mysterious ways. K in RI was not able to bring back any quotes from the interview, but she does provide the following photographic evidence of Clay's reply to today's MP:

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